Spread Your Generosity with Our Leo Full Moon Ritual

Spread Your Generosity with Our Leo Full Moon Ritual

Do you know that February’s full moon will be landing on the lovable and big-hearted Leo? This special moment will take place on 9th February, sharply at 02:33 AM EST. This is the time when they might Leo will feel more loved towards the others and will share various gifts to show their kind love towards the people it cares. 

Leo is an extremely powerful sign. The sign rules abundance. The generation we are living more, we always crave for more and more. Even though it is fine to collect everything that we like; however, we often forget our trove. This Leo full moon ritual will help you let go of things that you don’t need. 

Ritual: Benevolent gifting 

During this full moon, the only suggestion we have for the Leos is to take a look at the closet. Go through different storage spaces, cupboards, and don’t forget our jewellery collection. Take out all the things that you are not using and won’t need it. Now, separate them from the items that are valuable and meaningful for you, such as a designer dress that you may have purchased last year. Think about the people who can benefit from these things or someone who might in need of these possessions more than you? If you find out the names, think about giving them those items. 

When you let go of things that you no longer have an attachment for sends across an extremely powerful message. This could be your mantra for this moon. Have faith in yourself because now is the time to attract abundance in your life.

If there someone in your life that you really care about, then think about spending some money on them if money allows. Buy them or give them something that won’t hurt your bank balance. Do it because it will make you feel good. Seeing the person happy will make you happy. 

Now, giving doesn’t always have to be material; your heart could be your trove too. Become an emotionally generous person. This will not drain you emotionally. If someone comes to you for your advice, try to validate those feelings. Not just this, if someone has joined an art class, or has some talent, go out of the way to compliment them genuinely. 

Some of the ideas that you might want to try are as follows:

  • You can consider booking an appointment with a stylist to give yourself an update. 
  • You can click some cute selfies or else ask someone to click good photos of yours and upload them on social media. The full moon is on your side, and your photos will attract a lot of attention. 
  • If you are in a relationship, this could be the time to ask her out for a fantastic dinner. Spend some time with her/him, make the person feel special. 
  • You can even go for a spa or get a massage. Anything that will make you feel good about yourself. Just go for it.

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